Piran is one of the three major towns of Slovenian Istria. The town has much medieval architecture, with narrow streets and compact houses. The city is the administrative centre of the local area and one of Slovenia’s major tourist attractions. Once we arrive in Piran, we will start with our walking tour. Visiting the old centre and the main square – Tartinejev Trg (Giuseppe Tartini square) which was named after violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, of whom a monument was made in 1896. The square is filled with people at all times of the day and is a fantastic place to sit and chill out or drink coffee and enjoy the day. Afterwards we will continue our tour to the Church of St George and the monastery.

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It is the sixth largest city in Slovenia and the highest along the coast with the seat of themunicipality of Koper. The city has two official languages, in addition to Slovene as well as Italian. Our tour will start at Taverna Koper is a former warehouse of salt is today the location of the most interesting events in Koper. Škocjanski zatok is a largest half salted swamp in Slovenia, a great ecological and zoological landsscape where you can see a variety of rare plant an animal species. Izola lies between Koper and Piran. For walkers is sutable Maestralova walkin tour, wich begins in the centre of Izola and it continues to Livade and Jagoje to the tunenel and San Simon bay and back to the center of Izola.

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TOUR LJUBLJANA (capital of Slovenia)

Upon entering Ljubljana, a town exuding a metropolitan atmosphere, we will notice the fusion of old and new. From the medieval castle that towers high over the city to the modern shop fronts, Ljubljana has a unique and interesting array of architecture. We begin with a walking guided tour of the historical city center, where we will discover the work of architect Jože Plečnik. In fact it would be difficult for us to cross the banks of the river without him, as he was involved during the design stages of the Sustarski Most, Cobblers’ Bridge and the Tromostovje Triple Bridge. As we continue our walk among the Baroque monuments we will pass by the Franciscan Cathedral, St James’s Church, the Holy Trinity Church and the theological seminary.

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The Lipica Stud Farm is one of the most beautiful cultural monuments in Slovenia and it is not far away from Koper. There you can see a rich tadition reachin back to the year of 1580. There you can also see a Lipizzaner horse which is a breed of horse closely associated with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria, where the finest representatives demonstrate the movements of classical dressage. There you can also go to the Museum Lipikum which is a centre of cultural and tourist offer of the Lipica Stud Farm. It is designed in accordance with modern museological principles and enables visitors to obtain desired information by themselves by means of different interactions.

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Socerb Castle is a castle near the village Socerb the Karst edge and it offers a wonderful view of Trieste Gulf. 150 meters away is the entrance to the cave, which is 44 m deep and 189 m long. Our tour continues to the picturesque village of Hrastovlje, which lies in the upper Rižana Valley, and is well-known for the fortified Church of the Holy Trinity and its frescoes. The Romanesque church is hidden behind a well-preserved fortification, built in the 16th century on a small rocky rise above the village. The whole complex is encircled by Mediterranean scenery, including Karst limestone walls, pine trees and vineyards. The Church was built of large stone bricks, while the interior is more attractive, covered with frescoes painted by Johannes de Casto in 1490.

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Our tour today, will take us along the Parenzana – a route, which is also named the trail of health and friendship. Running alongside a former narrow-gauge railway line, the route used to connect Trieste with Poreč and has become a symbol of friendship linking the Slovene, Italian and Croatian municipalities. We shall follow the trail through old towns and villages, alongside the sea, amongst vineyards and olive groves, through tunnels, across valleys and over hills! Greeted at the pier by our guide, we will have a short safety briefing before we are introduced to our bicycles. As we pass through Koper, our first stop will be Izola, a fisherman’s town, where we will be invited to learn more about the culture and history of the region.

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Dragonja valley is considered by many as very attractive throughout the seasons! In the spring, visitors can enjoy the views of the seeping water as it flows through the surrounding stones, during the summer the area is marked with deep green pools and in the autumn it is adorned with deep red bushes. Purple foliage, typical for this region, can be seen during the winter months when the valley is covered with frost and the river is trapped in ice. Our tour will begin with an approximate 30 minute drive into the valley. Upon reaching our starting point, our guide will brief us with safety instructions before we begin our hike. During our approximate two and a quarter hour hike we will walk along the path that takes us close to the river of Dragonja.

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