Visit the charming Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, and Bled, a popular tourist destination, which is considered one of the most beautiful alpine resorts also known as the Alpine pearl.

Ljubljana, the capital and largest city in Slovenia, is the cultural, educational, economic, political and administrative centre of the country. It is renowned for its rich history, which is reflected in the unique architectural heritage. Its old town centre is embraced by Ljubljana Castle and the river Ljubljanica where the feeling of the city is the strongest. On our trip, we will encounter ancient and modern architecture. We will visit the old town centre where we will admire the works of the Slovene architect Jože Plečnik, who took an important part in designing the Ljubljana’s most famous bridges, town squares and parks. In a little more than three decades, Jože Plečnik transformed Ljubljana from a provincial city to the capital of the Slovene nation and reshaped the urban part of the city. His influence can be felt everywhere, but mostly along the river Ljubljanica.

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Visit Piran, the town of music, artists and seamen, and enjoy a panoramic trip along the Slovene coast.

Piran is one of the oldest and most beautiful Slovene towns with rich history and culture. Almost 500 years lasting Venetian influence has given this town an inimitable charm. Its culture heritage is not at home only in museums since the architectural and artistic pearls, which decorate the everyday life of the local people, can be found at every corner. Giuseppe Tartini, the world famous composer and violinist, who was born and raised in Piran, had a great impact on the town. Today, his bronze statue adorns the town’s main square together with Tartini’s house where visitors can admire one of his violins. The Tartini Square is surrounded by majestic buildings, such as the richly decorated Municipal Palace, Tartini Theatre, Maritime Museum, Aquarium, Marine Biological Station, Baroque House and Apollonio Palace. On the hill above the town is the biggest and most important church, the Church of Saint George, which offers a wonderful view. Piran’s town wall, narrow streets, fishermen’s nets, compact houses that rise up the slope and beautiful sea will give you the feeling of walking through a painting. Do not hesitate, take a walk through the town’s narrow streets as soon as possible and satisfy all your senses.

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Take a bike tour which offers you the possibility to learn about the attractions that decorate the Mediterranean coastal towns of Koper and Izola which in the past were indelibly influenced by the Middle Ages and the Venetians. These two towns were once islands, but today they represent two important ports and tourist and fishing centres.

We will start our bike tour at the passenger terminal and then cycle past Taverna, which at one time was a salt warehouse, but today it represents a popular centre for musical and cultural events. We will then pass the Koper promenade and cycle towards Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve, which is the largest brackish wetland in Slovenia, well-known for its rich fauna and flora. Later on, we will take the road along the sea towards Izola where we will be able to take a look at the shipwreck of the Rex which sunk during the Second World War and was the largest passenger ship sailing under the Italian flag.

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TOUR LJUBLJANA (capital of Slovenia)

Visit the charming Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, which is considered one of the most fascinating European cities. Let yourselves be enthralled by its simplicity and liveliness.

Ljubljana, the capital and largest city in Slovenia, is the cultural, educational, economic, political and administrative centre of the country. It is renowned for its rich history, which is reflected in the unique architectural heritage. Its old town centre is embraced by Ljubljana Castle and the river Ljubljanica where the feeling of the city is the strongest.

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Spend a day in Lipica, where you will experience the world of white horses, and visit the magnificent Škocjan Caves which are on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites.

The Lipica Stud Farm is one of the oldest stud farms in the world and it represents the origin of the Lipizzan horse. In a unique natural environment, in the middle of fairy meadows and in the shade of oak and chestnut trees, you will find beautiful white horses which will certainly enchant you. Taking a walk on the Stud Farm estate is like travelling through history. The old manor house and the gracefulness of the Lipizzan horse will take you to the time when horse carriages were the most prominent way of transport. For more than 400 years the tradition of breeding these white horses has been preserved in the centre of the unique Karst landscape which today represents one of the most beautiful natural and cultural monuments in Slovenia. On our trip, we will experience the world of the Lipizzan horse, walk through the stable and visit the Lipikum Museum dedicated to various aspects of the stud and the Lipizzan breed.

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The “Village Traditions” trip is a memorable experience as it combines rich history, culture, nature and gastronomy which are all closely related to the tradition of the Coast and the Karst region.

We will begin our trip by visiting Socerb Castle which is situated near the homonymous village and offers a beautiful view of the Gulf of Trieste. Due to its excellent strategic position, the castle was very important already in the Middle Ages. Nearby there is also a cave, known as Holy Cave, which in the entrance hall contains the only underground shrine in Slovenia. A legend says that the cave was once inhabited by a hermit, Saint Servulus, who after becoming a Christian lived there for two years.

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Take a ride on one of the most beautiful biking trails in Slovene Istria, where once a narrow gauge railway called Parenzana was situated, and experience an unforgettable day in the unspoiled nature, filling your body with positive energy.

We will take a bike ride on the Parenzana trail, also known as the route of health and friendship. It runs along the former Istrian narrow gauge railway which at one time connected 33 Istrian towns from Italy (Trieste) to Croatia (Poreč). Over the past decades the route has become the symbol of friendship since it represents a connection between Slovene, Italian and Croatian municipalities. Today it is intended for recreational activities and offers an excellent opportunity to learn about historical facts and places in a more dynamic way. The entire route had 8 tunnels, which are still preserved. During our biking trip we will ride through two of them, both of which are situated in the Slovene part of the Istrian peninsula. The first tunnel connects Izola with Strunjan, whereas the second one is situated between Strunjan and Portorož. Furthermore, we will visit old town centres and small villages and cycle along the seashore, through vineyards, olive plantations, tunnels and valleys.

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Escape for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and spend a day in the unspoiled nature of the Dragonja Valley. The valley is well known for its natural attractions, forest covered hills, deep green pools, waterfalls, greenery and colourful flowers. Learn about flora and fauna of this beautiful region and become one with nature.

The valley, which was once full of mills, is now deserted and suitable for researchers and hikers. The intermittent River Dragonja, which near Sečovlje flows into the Adriatic Sea, is situated in the intact ecosystem. In its middle and upper stream the river is preserved in its natural state. During its way through the flysch Slovene Istria it creates interesting geomorphological phenomena, reshapes the flysch deposits and forms beautiful pools. The river and its tributaries are particularly breathtaking from autumn to spring when the sandstone river-beds are full of water which forms some of the most picturesque waterfalls of the Dragonja confluence. In the dry season the river and its tributaries often dry up. The area around the River Dragonja was once full of mills, but today only their ruins can be found. Mazurin’s and Kodarin’s mills are the only exceptions as they have been restored. During our hiking trip we will visit some of the remains and mills in which farmers used to live. On a sunny day the area offers a nice view of the Julian Alps, Trieste, Koper and Croatia which repays all the effort.

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